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  Screenings (How to)

The films can be screened individually or as a series.

Where to rent the films?

> The films appear individually in the catalogue of the Short film agency (Agence du Court-Métrage) and can be rented out directly from them. Available formats: Beta SP / DVD.

> You can also contact the 360° et même plus film collective. Available formats: mini DV / Beta SP / DVD.

Organising a debate?

> The collective is ready to give a hand in the programming of these films by when possible, putting the organising venue in touch with local networks working with immigration issues.

What rates?

> Short film agency (Agence du Court-Métrage): please contact the Agence to know their rates.

> 360° et même plus: Rates depend on whether you want to screen one, two or three films or the whole series. Rates can also vary depending on you budget... In all cases, the screening of the film will be subject to a rental fee (even a small one) contributing to support the 360° et même plus film collective.

> In all cases, contact-us!