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The five films from the series "RESF: A RESISTANCE NETWORK" were produced in Marseilles from November 2006 to April 2007, period during which the “360° et même plus” film collective followed activists of the RESF 13 Network, on various actions or initiatives: mobilizations against deportations, civic sponsorships…
These newsreels, between documentary and report, are part of a broader will to account for events or phenomena rarely or summarily treated by the dominant media.

*RESF: Created in 2004, the Education Without Borders Network (RESF) acts mainly for undocumented families with children going to school to obtain legal status.

Genre: Newsreel
Direction & editing: Agathe Dreyfus, Christine Gabory & Ivora Cusack
Production: 360° et même plus film collective
Production year: 2007
Format : 4/3 - coul et N&B - vidéo
Total duration: 74 minutes
Distribution: 360° et même plus film collective & Agence du court métrage
First DVD edition: September 2007
DVD Re-issue: April 2010
Available video formats

For cinema screenings the films are available in the following formats:
Mini DV and Beta SP