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film - installation
by Christine Gabory/ Agathe Dreyfus /Ivora Cusack
2007 - 20 min - Video - Photographie

  Substance Nord / A scanner Northerly is an urban drift, a film and photographic wandering in Northern Europe, mainly around two cities: Antwerp (Belgium) and Frankfurt (Germany) where images were collected intermittently from September 2004 to February 2005.

Antwerp: diamond capital of the world, second European port, ranked fourth in the world for its air pollution rate.

Frankfurt: first European stock exchange market, hosting the biggest world design and trade fair, and dreaming to become a new Gotham...

Substance Nord / A scanner Northerly is a fragmentary approach of urban and industrial space, giving photographic countershots of two cities modelled according to the town-planning norms of a liberal and capitalistic system.

Co-production avec dISTANCE fOCALE_Marseille

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